Ruida RDC 6121 any experience with it?

Hey guys!
We have a Ruida controller RDC6121 from a China laser and would like to use the Light Burn software. Unfortunately, I don’t get a connection or the controller doesn’t get anything. Does anyone have any experience with it?
Thank you and greeting Frank

I have a 5121, and that works. The 6121 might use a different scramble key. Do this:

  • Run LightBurn
  • Set up a Ruida device if you haven’t already (you might need to ‘Create Manually’)
  • Go to Help > Enable Debug Logging
  • Right click the ‘Devices’ button
  • Wait a moment to see if it connects
  • Click the ‘Stop’ button
  • Wait a moment
  • Exit the software

You’ll find a file called LightBurnLog.txt in your Documents folder. Send me that file to developer at lightburnsoftware dot com.

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