Ruida RDC6442S-B and LIGHTBURN

HI Guys
i am very new to this laser stuff so don’t be to hard on me.
I have new a red & black 80 watt china laser. When powered on it goes to top right corner then in 2-3 seeconds it goes to left bottom. On the panel the right, left. top, bottom arrows move laser head in the right directions. But in LB the move arrows are backwards. i did a rest on panel and probably should not have done that. If i make a square and put it on left side and push start it goes over to right side.Can someone help me. And i know i will have a bunch more questions.

Your RuiDa should home to top/right.

You need to make sure your LB is set to the same:

Screen Shot 2020-07-30 at 3.35.39 PM

Thanks Bonjour , that worked.
Can you tell me what size breaker to have this laser on.

Normal 15A home circuits are more than plenty for an 80w.

An 80w laser by itself won’t pull more than about 600w. (my 100w at 80% power pulled 628 watts total) If you have an exhaust fan, chiller, or air compressor, those will add to the overall amount. If you plan to do photo engraving you should put those on their own distinct circuit, as a chiller or compressor powering up will often cause subtle dips in the laser power output.

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We run 220v here and all my stuff is on the same 10A circuit from the distribution box, using 2.5mm cable.

I’ve put some hefty machines in domestic situations using regular 10A outlets and not had them trip.

My exhaust and air-assist are off the back of the laser itself, using the 20A relays built in, but the supplier I get my machines from does a proper job of wiring and has real UL and CE mark compliance. And they are both on before cutting commences, anyway. Stuff bought off eBay, you take your chances. Personally, I would get all electrical connections checked - or do it yourself if you’re handy.

It’s more important to ensure you have good earth, through the machine and through your supply. Don’t use the earth post on the back of the machine - the centre pin on your power lead is more than adequate, assuming it is connected properly. You can use the earth post for supplemental earthing - like keeping your water reservoir at the same potential as the machine, if you’re not using a commercial chiller.

But keep in mind that 240v @ 10 amp is 2,400 watts while 120v at 20 amps is 2,400 watts (and that a breaker will trip usually at about 90 to 95% rated load).

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My breakers are 15A, with RCD’s

Thanks Oz
I think I need to check and make sure wires and breakers are efficient.

Thanks Bonjour, you guys answer back quickly.

Thank you Stroonzo.
You guys are great and going to get tired of seeing me post questions.
I don’t know very much on this but I’m learning.
Thanks again

Hey guys i’m back.
On this china red & black 80 watt, what thickness of lexan is it capable of cutting?