Ruida RDC6442S - B(EC) Current (ma) display

I see a lot of people adding ammeters to their machines. My controller displays current in milliamps…is this sufficient and accurate in your opinions, or, should I consider adding an analog ammeter? I have a couple jobs coming up that require cutting some 1/2" acrylic and I do not want to exceed the 26ma max rating for my reci w4 tube. I have tried to cut 1/2" acrylic before with terrible results, I didn’t really trust the display on the ruida and assume I wasn’t running enough power. I don’t cut a lot of thick material so I never have to drive my tube hard and would like to keep it that way! I just wanted some confirmation on the built in current meter on the controller. Thanks in advance!

If you have a multi meter, you can put it in series to verify the controller display.

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If you have an ammeter in the display and you can rely on it, you do not need to install a separate ammeter. Many people install an ammeter because they have nothing at all or it is mounted in a power supply, out of sight in the control cabinet. But in general, it is an absolutely necessary tool in my opinion.
PS. There is another “advantage” in an extra ammeter, - it is analog :wink:

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If it’s a digital mA meter in the HV supply, it can be misleading. Add to that you have to have the electronics bay door open to read it. They ‘sample’ the current and it could miss a ‘pulse’ or catch only part of it giving ‘partial’ current.

For example, when I engrave at about 7mA, the digital meter will sometimes read anything from 0 to 7mA bouncing all over…

Most of us run a mechanical meter and use the rms value it displays.

It’s a simple addition.


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Thank you all for the comments!

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