RUIDA RDC6445g axis speed limit 400mm/s


I’m interested in both solutions or confirmations that others are having the same problem. Even just to know that others with the same controller are NOT having the problem would be a great help. Driving me nuts not being able to find a setting…:

I can’t get my controller to move the axes at anything above 400mm/s. The limits are higher than this in the manufactory setting / user settings. I’m really not sure what i’m missing.

This is an issue because at 400mm/s, the minimum laser output power is still too high for engraving.

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Hi Luke, have you tried a test engrave at a higher speed?.
Just wondering if it’s the framing speed on the controller.

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Hi Chris,

Thanks very much for the help. Looks like that was the problem, that the controller would not let me MANUALLY control faster than 400, but will engrave faster.

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Glad to help :+1:

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