Ruida RDC6445G - display KV V and mAps

Hey guys I’ve searched forum, googled but no succes. Maybe my question is noobish and basic. But is there any way how see KV, V and mA on display - I see zero as all values and when I go to +settings to check TL I get only error with no connection. Of course I can install milliamps meter (and I will), but ondisplay solution could be more comfortable .

Many of these can connect to the lps for information, not sure about yours. Didn’t see any options for it, but it sounds like it’s trying to ‘talk’ but you’re missing hardware.

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And could you help me finishing this? If I post photos of my laser machine inside?

This is why I think you’re missing some hardware.

It also helps if you rotate the photo right way up, it’s easy to miss things…

Do you have the manual for that controller?

I’d suggest you look it over and see how the controller gets those values from the lps. Seem to me there was some type of cable that goes to the power supply, looks like Ethernet if I remember. Of course your lps has to have that ability also.

I’ve never had this as it’s not supported on my 6442, so I don’t know how it actually works.

Problem with most digital meters is that they ‘sample’ and when they sample it might not really be of any use. If you have an lps with a digital display you can see it’s kind of useless.

That’s the reason most of us have a mA meter.

Of course we’ll help, but not by doing your job. You need to follow the leads so you can do this without our help… Find the manual and spend some time with it. We can answer some of your questions, but you need to learn how to do it yourself.

Collect what you can, information wise… we can help you sort through it if you get confused…

Good luck


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You said it the best way… I red manual, I watched many youtube videos, checked the Ruida web. Everying is connected right, but I must configure this meassurement part over RD Works. That means (as you said) thats just a sample of "should be! values.
Well everything works perfectly via LightBurn and I ordered mA meter this morning. For me problem is solved and I thank you for your help :slight_smile:

It’s not a problem… I just don’t have time to find the resources let along read up on them…

The sooner you fix as many problems as you can, you will find more that require help… Don’t hesitate to question if you don’t ‘get’ it…

Take care, good luck


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If you have the right laser PSU and a physically newer controller, there is a cable that goes between the RTLink (?) ports that sends all that info to the controller. The older controllers will have it on the display because it’s in the firmware updates, but you need the physical cable to transmit the data.

Thanks… Remember it had to talk to the lps… that’s about it…


Its done over the TL cable, which is connected to LPS and Controller unit. The must be (according to the manual) defined over PC :slight_smile: