Ruida RDC6445G doesn't pulse

Hi everybody

I have a new laser cutting machine with Ruida RDC6445S controller. When I want to use pulse function with the interface on the laser, it’s moving but laser didn’t work. It’s the same with Lightburn too. When I send the start command it’s moving but not cutting. If I use the test button on PSU it will be work. I tried it.

In some topics there are same issues about that. They talked about water protection and ground connection. Is there any solution about these problem?

Excluding a common ground, there are only two control lines to the lps.

Ruida lps
L-On1 L

Generally P is wired to ground, this is the lps water protection input.

IN is the pwm power control and L goes low to enable the laser.

Can you check that the L-On1 is going low when you press pulse…

You will have to set it for continuous pulse.


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