Ruida taking 1/4 size files

Ok. So I’ve been engraving for a while and I’m having an issue with running files through my ruida that go totally haywire after 75-80% on the take of the file. Last file was 45mb and I’m pretty sure it’s supposed to handle 100mb. It’s so frustrating as it burns 2 minutes of engraving and then ruins the burn by going wacky. Is there a way around this? When I Send the file direct it takes it but the image comes out spotty. Please help!!?

All I do is engrave and if I can’t handle large files 90% of what I do doesn’t work. Thanks I’m advance

What settings are you using for the engravings?

Can you be more specific than “ruins the burn going wacky”?

So. Maybe the file gets 80% sent to the machine and the laser will start to on each pass move larger than the .5mm spacing and also left and right out of line. I’ve had the laser smack into my weights to flatten my wood. I’m attaching a picture to view. This happens on larger files but about 1/4 of capacity. If I shrink the image in lightburn, I can burn a smaller sized piece but I can’t do anything of decent size right now.

You missed a question:

Also, how are you connected to the machine? (USB, Ethernet cable, WiFi?)