Ruida type controller speceif controlled outputs

It may be specific to a controller type but I’m curious if the software has the capability to turn on and off certain outputs at my discretion. for instance.
I have air for the laser on all the time, can I wire a valve to my controller so that whenever I hit the start button it turns on the valve (starts blowing) before it starts burning and when complete it turns off the valve (stops blowing). I understand the specific valve wiring and type will need to match my controller output config but is the software capable of doing that?

You can turn on/off air-assist per layer…

You have options to achieve what you want. Here is a search result from this forum covering this topic. This subject has been discussed in great detail…

The air assist on the controller is labeled WIND. In the software you can select with the beam, hard on the solenoid, or with the layer.

You also have a STATUS terminal that comes on and off with the job.

NOTE: On Ruida, the terminals switch the ground, not the positive. You connection would be from terminal, to solenoid, to positive.

sounds good, ill look into it further now that i know its a doable thing. Its wild that its setup as npn in 2020 :face_with_monocle: but whatever works i guess.
Thanks for the help everyone

All the outputs on the Ruida are optically coupled. It’s China… so they switch the negative… It was the switched neutral on my 220 to 110 factory conversion that drove me nuts. A couple of wire nuts took care of that!

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