Ruida USB Connection Issues

I’m using a MacBook Pro with Catalina osx. Lightburn cannot find my controller over USB. I’ve seen in prior threads to try reinstalling and selecting the FTDI box is required. However, when I delete Lightburn from my computer, and go back through the steps of installing the software, I never get to that option, and it simply opens LightBurn.

I guess my current issue at hand is how do I properly uninstall Lightburn so that I can reinstall to get to this checkbox option?

On MacOS you won’t get that option, and the problem is MacOS itself. Apple included a device driver that conflicts with the one for the Ruida controller USB chip, and they basically fight over who gets to talk to it.

A new driver was released that seems to work for most:

If that doesn’t work for you, I’d suggest a wired Ethernet connection - it’s about double the speed, and quite robust.

Ok thank you. Regarding the ethernet connection, just want to confirm that I’ll need to connect laptop and laser into a router. They can’t be directly connected without a specialized cable, correct?

You should not need any special cable. From what I can find, Macs for years have supported Auto MDIX, which will allow you to just plug a regular Ethernet cable between the computer and the laser controller, and it will automatically do what is needed to “Crossover” the needed pins so it works. You can find a regular RJ-45 Ethernet cable at most electronics stores, WalMart, Amazon, etc.

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