Ruida vs Smoothie

Smoothie Vs Ruida?

I have a Cohesion3d Mini running my Chinese 1500x1200mm G.Weike 100 watt co2 glass tube laser. It’s running the new firmware build of smoothieware which slightly outperforms GRBL-Lpc. However, it’s fiddly and my setup often gives out, stressing me to no end! I’ve spent countless hours trying to get things to work reliably.


  1. Can’t get homing switches going
  2. It’s difficult to keep wiring in check - fiddly pin based connections that can drop out
  3. Can’t connect the screen over the long distance required (voltage drop?)
  4. If computer or connection fails (which it does), I have an expensive piece of customer owned material I have to pay for (homing switches issue)…
  5. Speed maxes out at 270mm/s before I get jolts and an error. My machine when bought stock should be able to handle 400mm/s, which I would like for etching, or better…

All in all … I want an easy, robust and quality solution, but without corner over burn.

Your thoughts … wondering if I should go ahead and get a Ruida…?? Budget around $600.

Is it worth it?? Thanks all!

Adding a Ruida controller isn’t going to help your homing switches or wiring, but it’s robust, and much faster than the C3D.

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