Ruida with Lightburn -> X0/Y0 back left possible?

we bought a 700x500 Ruida machine and use Lightburn. We have one problem: Is it possible to set X0, Y0 to the back left?
If we manually position the laser head in the back left (Y0, X700) we get an error when trying to send a file to the laser (I think, thats because of the “X700”). If we place the head somewhere in the middle, everything works fine.

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Your error is because you need to change the job origin / start from designation (if you are not using absolute coordinates in LightBurn).

I suspect you have Start From set to Current Position and thus your job origin would need to be set in a similar manner to this if you placed your head at (700,0):

Read up on these settings here and you will have a better understanding of how they work.

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