Run time not showing

Even though it is supposed to show under the “laser” tab, Lightroom doesn’t show me run time. Any tips? This screenshot was taken in the middle of a job. Thanks!

Do you ‘send’ the job or ‘start’ the job?

I use ‘send’, there is no ‘run time’ and I doubt there is with ‘send’ as the software would have to keep querying the controller for that information, from what I understand. Also the Ruida seems to not pay attention to much when it’s operating…

Data isn’t ‘streamed’ to the Ruida, like other controllers (grbl).

You can get a ‘time’ from the ‘preview’, but I don’t think it’s what you’re thinking of.


The Elapsed time appears in the laser window after I have made my job selection, pressed start and started engraving.

The Preview tool generates a time estimate based on a selected job and the simulation settings. The simulation settings are under Edit (in the top bar) then Device Settings (the wrench and screwdriver icon toward the bottom) then select the third tab Additional Settings.

Thank you. I don’t have any progress bar. Is it possible that this is a Mac issue?

It shouldn’t be a Mac thing but it could be a Ruida thing. I haven’t played with one of those yet.

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