Running a k40 on a inverter generator

I have a 3100w inverter generator that has a very stable output. I was contemplating whether this would be able to safely run my laser at an outdoor craft show. any thoughts or tips would be appreciated. Thanks!

Is it a pure sine wave inverter?

Not sure heres what it says. “Connect sensitive electronics with confidence since this inverter produces only Clean Power (less than 3% THD)”

It is a champion 100476R

Using the power of the Google, I found this useful tidbit (tidbyte?) of information:

Harmonics in a Portable Inverter Generator

To elaborate on the concept of clean power (as in sinusoidal, not to be confused with green energy), let us compare portable inverter generators and conventional generators in terms of the THD (Total Harmonic Distortion) produced.

The harmonic distortion in conventional generators is generally in the range of 9–10%. For some generators, it can be even higher than that (manufacturers will often say “under 25%”, as it also depends on the load). Due to such high distortion, these generators are not suitable for circuits which contain computers, laptops, TVs and other sensitive electronic equipment.

Contrary to this, a portable inverter generator’s distortion is in the 3–5% range, sometimes even lower. This range is well within the permissible limits of IEEE std 519-2014. Therefore, the electricity generated by portable inverter generators is safe (clean) for computers, laptops, TVs, etc.

One might suggest that if it’s okay for a computer, it’s okay for the laser controller. The rest is just brute force power, but still good at three percent.

Thanks for the input! I don’t expect any written guarantees from anyone here I was just wanted to get some opinions. I was more concerned about the tube than anything else. Not sure how sensitive that is.

I don’t think I’m an expert in this business but This category of inverter generator can be connected directly to your electrical panel with a safety device called a transfer switch, which CR strongly recommends. That allows them to power entire circuits in your home rather than having to plug in individual electronics with extension cords.

Thanks for your input Christina!