Running layers out of order

In the attached picture, I have the black text set in 11 separate groups. Every orange heart is its own group, as is the banner at the top. LightBurn ran all the black groups one after the other, as expected. Then it ran the orange banner instead of going to the blue layer. Then it ran the blue layer, and then it finished all the other orange groups. I have them set to run by groups. I did set this up on one computer, but actually ran the file from a different computer/LB installation. Can anyone tell me what to look for to stop this from happening again? I want to start running the orange sections at a different focal height after this time, but if this keeps happening, that will cause a problem.

Check the Optimization Settings. By default, “Order by Layer” is set first. If it’s not on, or not first in the list, that would be the likely issue.