Running LB on MacBook Pro as well as my iMac


I currently have LB installed on 2 Mac computers. Is there a way of linking them so that whatever changes I make in LB on my Mac Book Pro also happens on my iMac computer automatically?
Or do I have to make sure that I change setting ma dually on both computers?
For example - if I click "beginner mode off’ on my MacBook, will it also turn it off on my iMac?
or if I enable the 3 “Z axis control” tabs on the MacBook, will it also automatically enable them on my iMac?
thank you x

I don’t think there’s a safe way of doing this. If this was an occasional sync you could do Export and Import of Prefs from one system to another but it wouldn’t be an automated sync solution.

I’d advise against using a cloud drive sync solution for this as this has been known to cause problems with LightBurn although there are people that are using it successfully.

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