Running Lightburn on my two computers

My Lightburn software is on my workshop computer( in my house). I have started doing more of my design stuff on lightburn and would like to do it in my den which is a lot more comfortable and warmer than my workshop. I would than just transfer the files.I am asking if I can have it on both computers in my house without having to buy another license. I’m not running a business and only use my laser for personal items as a hobby. By the way ,I really like your software.

You can run Lightburn on 2 computers with your license. Info regarding licensing is here:

It sounds just like my setup and those of many other Lightburn users. You actually “get” 2 installs per license.

Thanks. I didn’t know that and didn’t want to screw the owner. He has a great piece of software at a reasonable price.

It’s just fine, but the Lightburn team is incredibly productive and still responds to everything. It’s the program with the best and fastest feedback time I’ve ever experienced - every day!

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