Running Program Errors

I’ve run a few different burns from my setup through LightBurn and didn’t have any issues. Today I was doing an image and about 20 minutes into the program, the laser just stayed on continuously. It began burning at 100% power and moved on the x and y as if it was still running the original program. I hit “stop” on LightBurn and instead of turning off the laser and returning, it just stopped it where it was. I hit stop a second time and it returned to home. The laser however did not turn off, I had to unplug the machine.
I tried another file that I have used previously with no issue and had similar negative results. It ran the program at 100% power instead of the 50% that was selected in LightBurn. Once it was finished, the laser returned to home, but it did not shut off and had to be unplugged again.

Has anyone had any issues like this? It seems as though it is an error with the software communicating with the laser.

I’m using a Ortur Master 2 (15w)

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