Ryxon 332n controller

Lightburn does not recognize my controller I have the ryxon 332n. I tried the free 30 days but could not get it to work now I am out of time. I would love some help with this.

You must create a machine profile manually. Choice Ruida, usb or lan, size and starting point of the machine (home)

When you installed lightburn did you also install the DSP drivers?

No, I have nothing installed the included usb memorystik.

I have only updated LightBurn to the DSP version, but no special driver is needed, neither for usb or lan connection.

I was asking @driverre. If you don’t install the DSP drivers during install it wont connect via USB. Not sure about ethernet.

The best advise I can offer is if you can, go via Ethernet.


I believe I did install the DSP drivers, but it has been awhile. Now because the trial period is over do I have to buy the program to see if it will work? or is there another way to trial it again. Who can I contact?

Unlike most other software, Lightburn will generally let you get an ‘updated’ trail.


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