S/W won't discover my machine

hi, I have just acquired an Ortur LM2, but I can’t get Lightburn to ‘discover’ the machine. I am using a MacBook Air, OS 10.13.6. I have it up and running perfectly by just manually setting the machine and calling it a generic GRBL machine. All I’d like to know (I am OK running it as a generic machine) is whether I am losing any LB functionality runing it as a generic. I wouldn’t expect it would be the case but I’d be happier to be sure. Many thanks T

There is no difference between manual setup and doing it automatically, assuming you’ve got the size and origin correct. It just saves a bit of hassle for people who don’t know the controller type, size, etc.

Be sure. There is nothing specific to ‘Ortur’ in the Device Profile you have chosen. You should be fine. :slight_smile:

That’s great, it’s what I was expecting and hoping for, but it’s good to know for sure, thanks for taking time, :slight_smile: