S9 stepper motor not working

Hi, today I received my Sculpfun S9 and assembled it. Great manual, everything is clear, but my X-axis is not moving. When I move with laser via lightburn it only moves in Y axis and it thinks it is moving in X, but its not. I tried different tensions on the belt but I doubt its this problem because stepper motor in not making any sound. I also tried to switch cables to motors and then X is working and Y is not.
Could it be faulty cable from factory? Or some error on motherboard? What should I do next?
Thanks for advice

If X axis moves with cable swap then yes, likely a bad cable. Try running a continuity test for each wire on the cable and see if one is bad. Hopefully something simple like one of the terminals not seating correctly in the connector.

I ran test on each wire and they seems fine. I am not sure if it is intentional but longer cable had 4 wires and two of them were swapped compare to shorter cable. I even tried to switch positions of the wires but I have no documentation so its hard to tell what is proper position. Even with that change one axis is not moving. I tried swaping cables and swaping positions on motherboard and from this testing I am pretty sure that fault is on red X axis socket on motherboard. Here is the video of testings (sculpfun s9 faulty motherboard? motors and cables are working but only one axis at the time - YouTube)
Any ideas?

When you said you did a cable swap in the original post I thought you meant on both sides of the cable. If you’re never getting motion from the X axis socket on the motherboard then yes, likely a board issue.

I’m surprised by this. Can you compare the motors and confirm that they are the same model? If so, I’d expect the wiring to be the same. They may have done this to invert the direction of travel for one of the motors instead of doing it in software.

In either case, I don’t think the base problem is a cable issue. You’ve tested motors and cables and if they both work that only leaves the controller.

Maybe take a close look at the X port and make sure there’s no corrosion or debris on the pins or any obvious faults on board.

Outside of that probably best to get the board exchanged.