Safety in mind to keep button pressing people away

I have a Ruida 6445 controller and was wondering what wire should be cut to insert a safety key switch in between.
I have a mushroom kill switch but that shuts down all power to the machine sometimes I need the power but no laser trigger source.


There are two primary safety risks; mechanical and laser. If you shut those both down, you might as well just power off the machine. If you are running the machine, you should be there preventing the button pushers. If you aren’t, you should be fully powered off.

There is a laser enable line on the Ruida controller you can drop a switch into. The connectors are pretty well labeled on the controller itself.

Thanks Rick
On my controller right next to the Door protect there is Shot no idea what that is telling me laser on or off now is that to fire or to deactivate the laser.

My Ruida based red&black has a key switch on the front panel that simply kills the AC power to the HV power supply.

thanks for the reply’s.

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