SainSmart 3018 connection issues + files misplaced

I upgraded my software and my machine has stopped working. Project starts and then 2-4 seconds later shuts down

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Unfortunately, my situation has gotten worse. I have lost my entire library, the device will no longer connect, and when it did, the out of bounds alarm popped up while it was only two clicks from home. I am so frustrated; I expected a learning curve, but this has taken the fun out of it for me. I want nothing for than to connect and begin working on cool projects. I have a CNC machine so I felt I should be ok. I’ve had my Genmitsu Jinsoku LC 60A 5.5W Sainsmart laser for a month now, and only have one successful project laser burn.

The libraries are stored on your computer wherever you save them. (are you referring to an Art Library, or a Material Library?)

When you say “machine has stopped working”, in what way? Do you get errors on the console? Any movement from the machine? What are you trying to run? What project settings are you using? Telling us “it’s not working” gives us nothing that we can use to help you - we need as much specific detail as you can provide.

Honestly it just sounds like you’re having issues with homing / working mode. If you power cycle the machine with the laser head at the front left, and type G92 X0 Y0 in the console to reset the workspace offset, things should work.

There’s a whole section on machines without limit switches or homing in the docs, toward the bottom of this page: Common Grbl Setups - LightBurn Software Documentation

Thank you for replying. WRT the art library, prior to the update, I had a list of designs and when I clicked on it, then it would show in the window and and I add it to the project. None of those options are available. Total different look. What I meant to explain is the following: I go through my powering up sequence, I created a small checklist so I don’t ever skip a step since I’m new to this. Once everything is up and ready, I go to move the laser to set the origin for the burn and it will move twice in the X axis and four times on the Y axis. And then will not move anymore. I go through powering down and go through a new sequence and the same happens. After the first upgrade, I could get it to move to the origin of the project, ensure everything was set and hit start. It would energize the laser, move to the beginning of the project and make two-three passes and will shutdown. When I try to frame the project, it shoots off to the corner and crashes, hard enough to move the entire stand. I will try what you said regarding the code, and will reach back out. Thank you

It sounds like perhaps the Art Library is just hidden / closed. Can you show a screen shot of what you see?

Thank you for the reply. Based on your feedback and others amongst the forum, almost all of the problems have been fixed. The last issue I am having is the framing. When I try to frame for example a 6" ceramic tile, when I give it the command, the laser races to home and crashes with force enough to move the entire platform. Any suggestions?

That sounds like you have not homed or zero’d the machine.

Read though here, near the bottom where it discusses homing and workspace:

My machine is the Jinsoku LC 60-A, it is a laser only device. it has built in homing devices and stops installed.

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