Sainsmart 3018 Prover

Hi all, sorry to bother you- hoping someone can help please.

My CNC seems to only go in one direction, the X axis is only moving right, it will only move left when once I have already moved it right. For example, if I move the X axis 50mm to the right, it will move to the right and then I can move it 50mm to left but I cannot begin with moving left and it will not move beyond the 50mm unless I originally moved it more than 50mm right.

Apologies if that is confusing- any help would be appreciated, below are my settings, I have been at this for days.



































Start with this and update as to how you are progressing.

Hi, This may be of no help at all but is your machine accurate, if you say to move 50mm does it move 50mm? I’m just curious because your $100 - $102 just seems rather high to me?

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