SainSmart LC 50 plus 10W :: Lightburn doesn't turn off air assist

Hello hello!

I’m a total noob and in a bit of a pickle and I would really need some guidance and help from you :slight_smile:

I’ve noticed that my Air Assist does not turn off in Lightburn, even though I configure it to do so

It turns on automatically when I start a job, but it never stops, even though the layer is configured to NOT use it.

Can you please help me figure out what I did wrong here?

Thank you so much!


Interesting enough, if it is engraving (on layer 00) and I pause&resume, air assist is shut down

once it reaches the next object, configured to cut (on layer 02), it will turn Air assist back on, and on for the rest of the job (even if later objects are on Layer 00)

It seems to me, that Lightburn can send the action to turn ON the Air Assist, but cannot turn OFF

Look for M9s in the g-code. That should disable air-assist.

Well, if I turn off “Constant Power Mode”, it works as expected :man_shrugging:

That’s likely a firmware issue in that case which isn’t uncommon. I believe there was someone else with the same issue.

Having said that, is there a reason you want to enable “Constant Power Mode”?

thanks for the answer

not really, I don’t even really understand what’s it purpose tbh

Constant Power Mode effectively disables variable power modulation by the controller. So instead of modulating power to accommodate areas of acceleration/deceleration it will force the laser to stay at the same power irrespective of slowdown. Variable power is meant to reduce areas of overburn.

While sometimes useful for specific situations I’d generally recommend not using Constant Power Mode for most scenarios.

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Crystal clear!
Thanks for help :slight_smile:

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