Sanding of small parts

I came here to suggest the same - but I have never tried it while lasering. And I use super glue for smaller parts.

I use this with plates of wood so I can create paintings on the them without having fear that they deform.

I’m having a bit of a problem with the edges chipping when I sand.

Lot of good suggestions. First you have to try to balance speed and power as to not burn the sides. A clean light brown surface is the goal.
You need a good air source straight down so the smoke goes thru the part. If you apply air properly you shouldn’t see much surface contamination. I always cut on honeycomb so the smoke isn’t trapped under the part.

Masking might help but that’s mostly used for engraving where the smoke is trapped on the surface. However it would be better to peal tape off vs sanding.

For small parts I use a PS13, but a lot of parts is a big job.