Save file has different values across Linux and Windows

Hi all, new to the forum and to laser engraving/cutting

I have multiple computers, running a variety of OS’s, but my primary is a Debian Bookworm (Linux) on which I do the design work, then I transfer the file to a Windows 11 box that is connected to the Falcon 2.

The issue I have is that all of the settings for each layer stored in the saved (lbrn2) file from Linux come across distorted on the windows file. As an example, if I’ve set it for 5000 mm/min at 25%, it might appear in the Windows version as 125000 mm/min (and iirc a different burn strength). With simple files, not the end of the world to change them again, but it’s annoying as I don’t do the burn on the same OS that I do design (and due to where I can operate the laser at home, not practical to do the design where the laser is), and I have to correct every time the file is opened on the alternate OS.

Anything I might be missing in the settings across the two?


Actual settings should not change between OSes. This is more likely to do with differences in settings across two computers.

Are you absolutely certain you’re comparing the same units? The difference between 5000 and 125000 is 25x which is very close to the conversion between inches and millimeters. Make sure that the display units is the same in both systems in Edit->Settings.

I’d be much more surprised with a change in power.

If this is not the issue can you upload a sample .lbrn where this is occurring?

Do this to fix that:

There are several config files for different purposes, so make sure you get everything copied from where it works to where it doesn’t.

Thanks all - I will try from the above, but these are both brand new installs and have had the same Falcon 2 config file installed to configure the settings for the laser. Nothing else has been customised as of yet. Just going to do a new save and screenshots of the issue.

Ahh, found it - one was using mm/s, the other mm/m, a subtle difference I hadn’t spotted on screen. Turns out it was the only setting change I made when I was configuring the cutting machine (as it was recommended), but forgot to make it on the design machine.

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