Save Job from here to start later

I love the new Start Job From Here function, but when I selected “save job to start from here later”, it saved it fine but when I opened it the next day to finish the job it had moved everything to a completely different spot on the bed, so it was completely useless. Is this a glitch or did I do something wrong?

Is this due to the time taken to run a job to completion? Did you turn your machine off? If so, you likely reset your origin, etc.

If this is going to be something you want to do regularly, don’t use ‘selection origin’. Set your origin to 0,0, position the job relative to the origin.

I suspect that, unlike my DSP-based controller which retains origin from power-cycle-to-power-cycle, yours resets when you turn it on.

By setting origin to home, and not using ‘selection origin’, you can be confident your relative positions will be the same from day to day.

She has a Ruida controller, so that shouldn’t be the issue.

Can you say if you were in ‘Absolute Coords’ or one of the other starting modes? Did you have the same starting origin as when you ran the previous job?

I’m set to Absolute Coords. Mostly because I don’t actually understand why I’d do it any other way. Last time an AP Lazer tech did a screen share and changed the starting mode I had stuff running all over the flippin place so I switched it back right away.
I had to shut down the machine to head home, so I hit pause, ran the preview backwards until it was at the same point as the file was stopping, selected save to run job at a later date, and saved it in a new file with a new name. Hit escape on the Ruida to cancel the job in her wee brain, shut her off, came back in the morning and opened up the run from here file (which saved in .rd format? Don’t know what that means, assume it’s normal?) but it basically shifted the whole thing six or eight inches up on the bed. When I opened the original file, scrolled the preview back to where I’d left off (approximately, anyway) and started the job from that point it was fine.

No, I hadn’t reset the origin. And my controller remembers the origin from the previous job, whether it’s been shut off or not. I didn’t run any other programs in between, just stopped, turned off for the night, and tried to run the “start from here” file first thing the next morning.

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