Saved file opens like a new project

I have a file that I was working with yesterday that now opens like a blank new project. The notes part of the file is also now empty. I had several settings written there.

I can re-create this project, but I have no idea how it got erased. Based on file size, it seems like there is still something in there, just hidden.

Jade’s Keychain Template.lbrn2 (87.4 KB)

Some other things:
Yesterday before working on the file, the software updated to 1.1.03.

This morning when I first open the software, it prompts me to set up my laser like when I first bought lightburn.

I don’t have any previous versions of the file for windows to restore.

File size is 88KB about the same as my other files.

I opened this file in lightburn 1.1.02 on my laptop and it is blank and the notes are blank.

Unfortunately the file is literally full of 0s. Nothing to pull from it. Check to see if there’s a backup version of the file in the same directory.

Do you save these to a Google Drive, DropBox folder, OneDrive, etc? Network sync services seem to interfere with LightBurn saving files - I’ve seen this before, but it’s relatively rare, and always seems to be when used with a folder sync service. I suspect they grab the file after we create it, but before the content is written, preventing LightBurn from writing out the data.

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