Saved settings resetting

Does anyone know why every now and then Lightburn resets some of my saved settings? I have just noticed, after wasting some material, that the 1st 2 colours (black & blue) have been reset to factory settings. The black even reset its name from ‘3mm plywood’ to C00, but the blue kept its name ‘slate engrave’. This has happened on a number of occasions, and it’s only ever some of my pre-sets that get reset. I have closed Lightburn down, and reopened it, but every file that was saved with those 2 colours have been changed.

We have seen folks confused about how the settings can be altered when Importing vers Opening a LightBurn file. “Import” is used to bring vectors from a file into an existing project, without cut settings, where Open is used to open an existing file, including the settings. If you run LightBurn, and use “Import” to bring in a project file, it wouldn’t bring in the cut settings with that file, and would just leave the cut settings as whatever they were from the last thing you worked on.

Could this be what you are seeing?

I only ever import my files. I imported, it worked, I closed the file, imported another and the settings were gone… I have just opened LB, and tried opening and importing the same file. My 3mm plywood settings have changed from what they were saved as after I had my 1st issue earlier. Why would the titles get reset, why would the settings get reset? They were fine in the previous file…

Until you imported them into LightBurn. This is what I am trying to share. If the settings are not set they way you want, and you import into that, the settings are not changed. “Import” of a LightBurn file is exactly the same as “Import” of any other file type. It imports the vector data into your current file. If you have an existing LightBurn project and you want to pull the vectors from another into it, there’s no “correct way” to deal with cut settings that might collide, so they’re left alone.

“Open” means "replace my current file with the new one, so the cut settings are read as expected.

But when I just tried opening a file, it rewrote the settings from the saved values. Doesn’t matter, I will write down my setting for when they no doubt will get wiped again

Yes, this is one way to address this, but it is not the way LightBurn is intended to be used.

What I am sharing is that you are not understanding the way LightBurn behaves. LightBurn should not do anything that would “wipe” your settings unintentionally. With thousands of current users, we would have heard if this was a problem.

If you imported some art into an existing LightBurn project and are also using Auto-save, you can have changes to the settings written to the file. Next time you go to work on that file, the unintended changes that you actually changed (unknowingly) will be represented. Could that be what you are experiencing?

The next release of LightBurn has a warning for this - if you “Import” a LightBurn file you’ll get an “are you sure this is what you want?” message explaining the difference, as this has tripped up a few people.

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