Saving LBRN file

When I save a lbrn file…later on on when I open it all is good…
.if I make some changes to while working…when I Quit program…then click “do not save changes”…close program
When I open LightBurn later and open the lbrn file …it has changed to the settings last used…it does.t retain the original settings

the speed…power…and DPI change…to my last use…size remains same ?

Just tested with version 9.02 and not getting the same results. If I create a file, change layer settings (speed, power, DPI) and save and closed that file (master_test1.lbrn). Create another file and notice that the layer setting changes you previously made are retained. This is by designed and intended to speed repetitive job creation. Make new adjustments to the layer settings for this file and save and close. When you open a previous file, all saved settings for that file should be restored.

If I go back and open the original (master_test1.lbrn) file, the layer settings for that file are restored and are as I saved them.

Is this not working for you?

No…for instance …I open ava file

make settings..100mm x 100mm... 500 mm/min....20% power..300 DPI..Jarvis..then save as "ava.lbrn" for further use

Delete the image

now I open any other image file, change the settings for my “new image” file …use them…finish job and close out LightBurn The pop up says “your project has been modified …would you like to save before closing”
I click “No”
Program closes…

Later I open lightBurn
Open “ava.lbrn”…
.the settings I now have were the last I used on “new image” image…and not the ones I saved with original “ava.lbrn”

ava.lbrn (210.7 KB)

If you look at settings not used by your file they may be set to whatever they were when you last used the app. All the settings used by your project should be exactly as they were when you saved it.

I see what my issue is…If I “Import” the ava.lbrn the settings are the last used with lightburn
If I “open project” ava.lbrn the settings are what I saved

That would do it, and that’s working as it’s intended.

“Import” of a LightBurn file is exactly the same as “Import” of any other file type. It imports the vector data into your current file. If you have an existing LightBurn project and you want to pull the vectors from another into it, there’s no “correct way” to deal with cut settings that might collide, so they’re left alone.

“Open” means "replace my current file with the new one, so the cut settings are read as expected.

Thank you…
my ignorance…did not realize difference between open - import