Saving or opening dialogue window all jacked up

When trying to save or open the .grbl gets moved to tthe front or back or wherever it wants to at the time. You have to erase the whole name of the file and type it in manually again. frustrating, version 1.4

Thank you for reporting this. The Dev team wants folks to enjoy their experience with LightBurn.

Is this on the Windows machine or the Mac in your profile? (or both?)

With which operating systems are you seeing this behavior?

Is this a new behavior starting in 1.4.00?

Ok… now Please walk me through this step by step because I want to have this experience.

I have LightBurn 1.4.00 open on my Win 10 laptop in front of me.

I have a GRBL machine profile open.
I have drawn a vector selfie with 5 ellipses…
I saved the project file.

Now… what are the next steps I should take to see this?

Mac 12.0 Beta (21A5304g)


Just trying to save a document is all. When i goto the save dialogue box. it has the lbn extension in it already and waiting for me to type. i goto type the name of the file and start typing it and it move the extension to the front or the middle or wherever it wants to. sometimes it just just splits up all the letters. I thought it was my keyboard at first so i switched and that did not help. I tried different programs like notpad and texteditors and they seem to work fine.

On Win 10:

When I click File and Save, LightBurn uses the previous filename and offers no prompt to type anything Different.

When I click File then Save As, LightBurn offers the filename and the filetype extension formatted like Filename.lbrn2. The filename, period and extension are all fully selected. If I type one letter the whole thing will be gone. When I click on it, I’m able to type where the cursor landed and it’s not too strange.

I’ll ask the team. Thanks again!

I will try and get a screen recording or a picture of it and send it…

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Where are you having the issue? This is on OS12.6.5

These are all system dialogs that we have little control over. I’m curious to see what you are seeing

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