Saving Settings in Files

Hi, I have a suggestion. Can lightburn be coded that when you save a file, it saves the settings of line and fill on THAT file only? When I go and open a file after using the colors for different files, they adjust to the most recently used colors and changes my settings to a file thats already saved. I use the same colors often because I have bad eyes. Is this a possibility?

When you load a file it has all the layers and associated setting with it. Only if you change one of the layers to something else it will pick up the default.

You may have to explain what’s happening here.


Another suggestion is to use the 30 layers/colors to help organize. I have 4 to 5 layer “sets” that are for different materials. 00 to 03 are for 3mm MDF; 04 to 07 for 6mm MDF. Each color layer can then be set in the library or changed per file. Another suggestion is that in the library, you organize layer settings by lens focal length.

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