Saw that a new text control feature is in the works

This looks very easy to use.


REALLY nice can’t wait, any idea about when this is happening.

I assume you mean when it will be released? Like everything else, when it’s ready, and tested. Probably weeks, not years. :slight_smile:

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I noticed in the video that you were able to manipulate a line to have a curve (bezier tool) is that not available in the current version? I am on a MAC…

Hover the mouse over the Edit Nodes tool and press F1 for help on the Edit Nodes feature. That’s been available for quite some time. In the latest release, while in Edit Nodes mode, you can simply click & drag a line to bend it into a curve.

We provide a detailed description of changes with each release. You might want to bookmark this link as this is where we do these announcements.

Here is a screengrab of some notable ‘Node Edit’ work done for our current release.

perfect thank you… on my MAC keyboard the F1 key is the brightness dimmer - I have to hold Fn and F1 to get the functionality… didn’t know that - thanks!

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