Scale using using laser

I am having the same issues as the previous comment, but in addition the images are squished on the y axis. I decided to delete software and the software (I was previously using a trial copy). When I first started using just the laser everything worked well once I got going. However now all my graphis look like football instead of circular. I am using a 15W Otur

Did you enable rotary mode and forget to turn it back off? (Edit > Rotary Setup)

This problem first started when I was using the rotary. This morning I uninstalled Lighburn and since I was using a trial, I purchased it. Installed it and still the same problem. Thankyou!!!. On the new install I noticed that the rotary was enabled on startup. So I checked the Tool Rotary Setup and it was still enabled. Unchecked it and the problem went away. Some how this new install was not clean and there was some memory from the trial version. There obviously was some baggage from the trial version that didnot go away.

I also noticed another person was having similar problems. I believe the person was Emily. Perhaps she could benefit from this exchange.

LightBurn’s settings are intended to survive an upgrade, so they’re not removed when you uninstall. If you need wipe everything, it’s not hard to do, but uninstalling it isn’t the way.

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