Scaling incorrect when using older lightburn project

Hailey Baby desk sign.lbrn (188.3 KB)
I have a older lightburn project (prior to 1.0xxxx - attached) i and currently running version 1.0.06 (windows 10 64bit)
when i opened the old project i wanted to adjust the width of the slot of the base - clicked on the object and the entered the new height to 5mm in the height box in the toolbar - when cut the slot was more like 3.2mm,.
after some trial and error a created a new rectangle slot inside another rectangle on another layer set size to 5mm and cut them out ( on the same project - not saved as may affect the file format) - the new layer is correct but the old layer is incorrect at around 3.4mm.
if i click on either slots they report as height is 5mm when zoom in on the project can see the new slot is bigger than original even though they are both report 5mm in height… i cannot see any offset or other setting on that layer that may be on that may affect size of the slot.

two other things that may be related that i noticed in this exercise.

  1. sometimes i have noticed that if i enter a value in the height / width box ie 5.00mm and come back to the object later the size is not the same ie 5.12mm or 4.94mm not the whole number entered.
  2. again with the older lightburn file if i select the object (rectangle) and try to resize the object by the selected object handles it starts to turn the rectangle into a parallelogram!..? The original object was on a slight tilt but when resizing it appears as lightburn is trying to correct for the tilt in one part only as we shrink the rectangle the sides start to tilt rather the object being shorter it is smaller but the sides only tilt.

What’s happening is that the original slot is ever so slightly rotated. This is causing the height measurements to not quite match the expected height of the slot hole but rather the entire rotated shape’s height. This also explains the appearance of the parallelogram.

Screenshot for clarity. The slow below is new and represents an unrotated square rectangle.

Thanks Berainlb - yes it all makes sense after playing around with your explanation.
some things i did notice is that when rotating with the object handles that the rotation value did not change in the toolbar as the height value does. Is there a way to snap an object to a 0 / 45 /90 … degree rotation? as seen in the example a rectangular slot inside of a rectangle can be ever so slightly rotated off - it would be nice to be able to be sure that both are 100% parallel to each other - as zooming in / out to align to the grid is not always ideal.

2 ways to rotate with easy precision:

  1. If using the rotation handles press the shift key. This will lock in rotations to 15 degree increments.
  2. Use the rotation control in the Numeric Edits Toolbar.

Trying to do this by eye is a fool’s errand. Suggest relying on the rotations tools listed above. Note that you can see the degree rotation at the bottom of the screen as you rotate. Also, when moving objects next to each other rely on the snap objects functionality in LightBurn.

Snapping in LightBurn works differently than in other design tools I’m familiar with. Instead of snapping objects to objects, LightBurn works by snapping points to points. For example, if you grab the corner point of one object, it will snap to points on another object, let’s say another corner. The entire object does not snap when simply moving objects next to each other.

Great thanks RalphU for highlighting a overlooked feature of the ruler i am glad that it references to a grid 0 degrees not the object original position. Thanks to Berainlb mention of the rotation angel in the bottom corner the both very helpful - a round about way of doing things as would be nice if the rotate value in tool bar displayed this. the rotate value in mm and not in degrees makes things difficult in this instance.

Actually, rotation value in Numeric Edit Toolbar is actually in degrees. I can see where this is misleading since it’s next to the units switcher. Units switcher shows you current units used and allows you instantly switch to inches.

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