Scan/cut location off location on camera view

When I focus and set my camera to the the height of the material used doing the setup and calibration, if I have material that is a different thickness than the setup material, the overview of the file is not very accurate when using the camera. Is there anyway to adjust for this material height difference? Im using the Lightburn 160 degree camera.

If you have a movable Z bed, you re-focus on top of the new material before taking the camera capture. The top surface of the material, at the focus point of the laser, is the only Z height for which calibration is accurate.

I think I understand. So when i first setup the camera, I had scrap material on the knife bed to set and align the camera. I did some wedding hangers and had to do some trial and error to get the location set on the arms of the hanger. if my focus to the alignment material originally was 9mm, then I could use the adjustable table to move the material up or down to match the same 9mm focus point and it will be in the correct location? Ill eb checking that out!!! Thanks!!

The assumption when using the camera is that the distance from the camera to the top of your material will be constant, because the focus point of the beam is also constant. If you use a movable Z bed with a focus block or auto-focus, this will always be true. If you have an adjustable lens tube for focus, or change to a different focal length lens. it will not be true, and that will affect the camera calibration.

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