Scan/Engrave All At Once


I have a feeling this is user error, but I’ve noticed that when I’m engraving an elaborate vector file, rather than scanning all of the file at once, Lightburn engraves each individual piece of the vector file one at a time. For instance, if I wrote the text “Hello World” in Adobe Illustrator and converted it to paths, Lightburn would do one letter at a time, rather than scanning across the whole line of text and doing everything at once. Hopefully the situation I’m describing is clear… Is there a way to force Lightburn to engrave an entire layer at once, rather than splitting it up?

In the layer settings, you likely have “scan individually” or “scan by groups” (without having any groups).


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Ah! I knew there must be a simple solution. Thank you so much, that was exactly the problem!

Can you do the same but for images?
On image layer there is no that option…

LightBurn does not presently scan images together - it’s on our list to support.

I thought so. Thanks:+1: