Scan/etch laser setting

Hi all, I’ve watched all the video’s for LB but don’t understand how to change the settings to make my 40w K40 scan/etch sweep bi directional across the full pattern rather than doing one line at a time, it’s currently scanning/etching each lines separately which increases the total job time.
I’ve tried changing from scan to cut and changed the power/speed etc but it doesn’t fill to give me the look I want i.e 3mm etched line etc.
Hope that makes sense.

You can change the settings on the cut tab.

Double click on the selected layer and then you can change to bidirectional scanning and also you can chose scan individual items as well.

For Reference


Hi all, think I solved it, bi di directional was already set however “line per inch” was set at 1000.00 so that sums up the huge amount of time it showed in preview. Also “Flood fill scanning” was on, now I have my laser doing what I want it to do in a fraction of the time.
Thanks for your replies.