Scan line interval help

I was testing my machine to make sure the scan shift adjustment was not needed which it seems to not need but when running this test noticed it looked like it skipped a few lines intermittent not sure what else to test thank you any ideas are welcome

Nothing was skipped, or the gaps would be much larger - it looks like they’re slightly vertically shifted, which could be from the Y axis slipping a step or two.

Ok it looked like it skipped a line on occasion if the y was slipping how can that be trouble shooted back and forth seems fine but up and down seems to be off a little thank you

I would run a few more tests to see if it’s consistently slipping - For example, try drawing 4 circles about 1/2" in size, a couple inches apart, in a square, like this:

I added a normal circle in the middle as well. Set the ‘Fill’ layer to ‘Fill Shapes individually’ so it does one at a time, then moves to the next. If those don’t line up properly then you probably need to adjust your Line Shift speed or the engraving acceleration for the Y axis.

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