Scanning offset saving

Just a few questions on scanning offsets. I replaced power supply and tube and now need offsets.

  1. Does the scanning offset save to the project file?
  2. Does the scanning offset save to the RD file when using thumb drives?
  3. Do I need to set offsets for each speed I intend to use, or is it suppose to calculate in between speed settings such as 100mms to 300mms… I added offsets of 100mms and 300mms which work, but anything in between does not.
  4. Is the poor response of the power supply the usual culprit of needing offsets if your machine is aligned and good belt tension, do most machines require offsets? (My old tube and supply didn’t need any offsets)

Thanks in advance!

  1. Scanning offsets save to the device profile, not the project file

  2. … and they affect the generated job data (RD files). Any RD file saved when you have scanning offsets enabled will have the offsets applied.

  3. It is enough to do two at different speeds. The system will automatically generate others. I also recommend setting one of zero offset at zero speed.

  4. I’ve heard various reasons - Power supply and tube response times, belt stretch, etc.

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