Scanning shapes in lightburn from different objects

Hello, I need some help on how to scan the correct image. I am trying to cut some leather into these perfect shape samples but I need to get them to be exact. Can some one tell me how can I scan a current shape and have lightburn cut the same exact shape.

Or… can that not be done?

How accurate and do you have a camera installed with LightBurn?

Omg this is so helpful. However my camera is a little off. I Calibrated but I think its looking at the images sideways. I am going to calibrate again but it is so difficult with the emblaser 2. If you have any pointers on how to do a better calibration that would be helpful as well. Again thanks for this link…

Sorry, but I do not have an Emblaser - personally, but @LightBurn does. He always has great feedback, but to be fair…he has a bit of an advantage. :wink:

I believe the good folks at Darkly Labs have a helpful video for camera calibration. Have you had a chance to review this?

The lighting and contrast of the edges would be really important to get a good trace. The mounting angle of the Darkly camera makes it tricky - shadows stretch, so you might have better luck using a phone to take an overhead image and then just importing that at the proper scale, or using a real scanner, if you have access to one.

Okay great thanks

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