Scanning type camera idea

I have the following motivations.

  1. I think the camera is more useful if I can see it over the current cut. I would like to mount my camera on the laser head.

  2. The gantry gets in the way a bit when using the camera.

  3. I think you coulld get a lot more detail if the camera is mounted to the laser head.

OK Idea time… It would be amazing if the camera could be mounted to the laser head itself. Then lightburn would use it as a “scanning” camera. Lightburn would scan the camera across the work surface (maybe 10x10 mm grid) and then form a composite view.

This way you arent mapping a 2-8P to the whole bed… You can scan and get “higher” precision with a dumber camera.

Sort of like Ruida’s RDV6445G small vision laser cutting and engraving control system or their RDC6445G-DFM-RD large-format panoramic laser cutting and engraving system?

You are not the only one that feels this way. :wink:

Supporting CCD is planned and work is underway. And no, sorry…we do not offer an estimate for releasing this support. :slight_smile:


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