Scroll Bars Request - again

Scroll bars are an accepted GUI standard for MS Windows software. It is unprofessional to not include them in the interface and is a deterent when evaluating the software for purchase.

I am a professional programmer and know how easy it is to hook into the Windows scroll bars. I’ve read all of the reasons to NOT include them and don’t agree (especially when working on a laptop without a scroll wheel). If you want a more accessible product (and more sales), add the damn scroll bars. If you don’t like them, add a preference to turn them on and off.

Wow - what a professional !!

Maybe you are treated this way by your customers ?, it must be hard to be a professional programmer. But beyond that, you, like everyone else, have the opportunity to make a constructive suggestion or wish under the corresponding section on this page. If there are enough who have the same wish, they have always had it fulfilled, sooner or later.

LightBurn isn’t just for Windows, and the cross-platform nature of it means that a number of things (including this one) are harder than you might think. We also handle all the rendering and page surface management ourselves, so adding scroll bars will mean a rewrite of all that code.

It’s planned, as it should also enable gestures on machines with multi-touch ability.

In general, trying to shame me into implementing a feature by calling me names is likely to produce the exact opposite of what you’re looking for.

There is plenty of very professional software that does not have scroll bars. They take up valuable screen real estate, are generally cumbersome to use, and we provide multiple other ways of panning the view.

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It’s hard for me to imagine wanting scroll bars when a “spacebar + left mouse click & drag” makes it so easy to navigate around.

Middle mouse press is even easier.

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