Scroll button right and bottom

Why doesn’t LightBurn software have
scroll button on the right side and the bottom of the workspace

That would be a pain to navigate. Use spacebar+lmb or just mmb to pan around the canvas. Or just zoom out and back in to where you need to be.

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What is lmb and mmb

I have it figured out THANK´S

For people with the same question, with lmb and mmb I meant left and middle mouse button.

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Yeh I understand that after my brain have get started :slight_smile:

BTW what´s about your name “Jorgubb”
That´s strawberry in Swedish :joy:

Haha, yes! I’m Dutch but I have family in Sweden, so we went there very often when I was a little kid. Jordgubb was the first ever foreign word I learned and it kind of made me realize how big and wonderful the world was. That sense of wonder is now the name of my design/laser cutting service (; it’s in Dutch but well, see the Instagram feed and the button ‘Over Jordgubb’ for pics of stuff I make).

Are you living in US now ?

Getting a little off-topic :slight_smile: but no, i’m living in Utrecht, The Netherlands.

Here is some additional information regarding scrollbars:

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