Sculpfun Auto air upgrade

Hey everyone, so i upgraded my Sculpfun s9 a few times. I upgraded to the s30 pro laser, the y axis upgrade, and the auto air upgrade and limit switches. I could not get it to work properly so i did the firmware upgrade. now the board is not responding.

Did you have any problems during the flash? Did the flash show as successful?

In any case, I’d suggest reflashing. What was the source of your flash file?

No issues with the flash, and the source was from sculpfun, not sure if I flashed an incorrect firmware

You may want to try @misken’s custom firmware here:
Firmware Update & Settings - Diode Laser Wiki (

Make sure you’re getting the S9 firmware. It’s probably easiest using LaserGRBL to install the firmware but use what you’re comfortable with.

You did the official auto-air upgrade? The one that is a complete kit including the new mainboard? In that case, you now have a S30-series mainboard. Make sure you are using the correct firmware version for this board. If you flashed a S10 firmware, some settings might be wrong. All the firmwares can be found on the page PY linked above.
In case of doubt, post a picture of the mainboard here.

Thank you So much, you were correct, I am going to reflash the firmware.

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