Sculpfun S30 connot cut, please help

Hello, i try my new laser Sculpfun S30 with your latest version 1.2.04 (demo on Os Win10 X64) use a usb cable 2.0 in boundle, add a Laser and enable M8 but NOT cut and engrave anything, even tried (80% and 100% off Power laser) with an a4 sheet of paper it cannot cut it.

Laser S30 is ok, i try other software (laserGrbl) same file, 30% of power and work fine, cuts and engraves without problems .

Help me please, what is wrong

If buy hi quality usb cable 2.0 but 10 meters long, lightburn finds the machine and works correctly ??


Take a look at the units you’ve used. You are on mm/s. If you are comparing to LaserGRBL which uses mm/min they won’t be comparable.

Go to Settings and change units to mm/min. You should then be able to compare settings more closely.

As PY suggested, you didn’t setup the laser correctly. Here is some additional guide on how to configure the S30 with LightBurn: Setting up the software - Diode Laser Wiki

Try to change mm/sec to mm/min and generate new test file, burn but test fail (no power on laser) all log on console are ok

Try LaserGRBL and work

Photo result

Upload updated .lbrn file please.

What settings were used for LaserGRBL? Can you take a screenshot of LaserGRBL?

You still used the wrong speed settings for the LightBurn file. As PY mentioned, upload the file or do a screenshot with all layer settings.