Sculpfun S6 pro

Hi guys. I am new to light burn. And I have just purchased a sculpfun S6 pro. I have the software connected to the machine and I can engrave. However I can’t seem to cut much with it. I am not sure if there are any particular settings that I need to adjust. Please help.

I can’t find much on the unit, it looks like the many generic laser diode cutters out there. From what I see is that it might be 5 watts output. The machine is really made for engraving, not cutting. Mine is maybe .5 watts more powerful at best. If you want to cut anything at all you’ll need an air assist. You can find one that’ll attach to the diode on etsy or likewise and then you’ll need at least 800 GPH for it to have any real effect unless you like modifying things.

With air assist I can cut 5 mm ply in 10 passes, other wood with a few less passes. They are truly hobby lasers for this reason.

Search the forum for burn tests to find the right power and speed range for your machine. Just think of the machine as a beginners machine and learn the ins and outs on it.

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