Sculpfun s9 incorrect X-axis cuts

I recently got myself a Sculpfun s9 laser engraver and I have been slowly making a few things here and there testing things out and figuring out how to use the laser correctly. I noticed that on the last few times I cut boxes I kept getting the second pass on horizontal lines (not all of them) slightly offset from the original cut (see images)

I am running the machine at 270mm/m at 65% power, with 2/3 passes. The lines are not wavy, they are generally quite straight but they do have this issue, I haven’t noticed any issues when engraving, only when cutting. Any idea what could be causing this?

It’s a mechanical issue. Check the full mechanical system once again:

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Thanks! I had a look through it and realized the wheel at the bottom of the rail was loose. I’ve tightened it and it works just fine now!