Sculpfun SF-A9 Gantry not square to frame

Unboxed and assembled my new Sculpfun SF-A9 today. Don’t know why, but I did not expect it to be huge compared to my S30 Pro machine. Assembly took just minutes to finish.

When mounting the gantry, I noticed one side was about 1-2mm short of reaching the mechanical stop screw. Moving the gantry forward, the opposite side was short of reaching the stop screw by the same amount.

My opinion is that the sprocket on one side is maybe 1 tooth off. Is there a procedure for aligning the gantry on this laser model?

First, make sure that the frame itself is square. You’ll be chasing your tail if it’s not.

Once confirmed, you can square the gantry by loosening the coupling for the Y-axis. This video shows the process:

Excellent! I saw that video but did not remember seeing that part. Thanks!!!

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UPDATE: The method shown in the video worked for the alignment. The tool shown did not. I found that a T10 Torx bit was needed to loosen and tighten the collar screw. There is no flat on the shaft, it is a compression coupling and needs to be tight.

If you find the screws are in an incovenient position, you can loosen both screws and rotate it as needed.