Sculpfun "shifts" two cuts on the same level

My Sculpfun S9 with extension and final switches

I have a sample with inside cut and outside cut which should leave a frame with at least 10mm broad size. Size is 563mm x 180mm.
On preview everything works well. In reality it cuts first the inside without problem.

Starting the outside cut on the level of the last inside cut seems correct but then the track leaves the line downwards more and more so when coming back it crosses the inside cut.
Any suggestions?
20240416 SCAN kpl.lbrn2 (18,6 KB)

is is my config:



































Look at the bottom cutout. That is a sign of one or more loose set screws on the drive systems. Check them all.

If those are supposed to be circles between the cutouts, Read the first paragraph.

It is possible the position slipped between the cutouts and the final outline cutout (shown as a partially completed cut). Read the first paragraph.

As Mike already mentioned, this is 99% a mechanical issue. Go through these steps to make sure everything is tuned well:

Check everything at least twice, since the extension will make things much worse, the larger the frame, the more issues with mechanical stability.

thanks for quick reply.

Everything was fixed tightly - BUT: I positioned the plate on which the cutting material lies to near to the Y-slide so when it moved position to the outer cut it somehow touched the slide and plate moved some degrees- so the second cut could’t work.
Excluding this mistake it worked fine now.

So int the end you were right: a mechanical problem :slight_smile:

thanks a lot!

Thanks- as I answered Mike already it was an exotic mechanical problem…

But this maintenance guide is very helpful anyway - thanks a lot!

That was not on my radar, but I will take it. Glad it was s simple solution.

I finally found out I had fixed a clamp on the side of the plate to hold the wood down which was hit by the X- mechanics when it moved to the second (outward) cut … :grimacing:
it is called: “learning by doing” :slight_smile:

We don’t learn anything by doing it right. We learn from the mistakes. And I should be really, really smart by now!